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Baby Boy Haircuts


Your little bundle of joy is adorable. Your baby's hairstyle -- and whether or not he has hair, for that matter -- is one of the first things other people will notice as they look at your baby. Make sure you take a minute and give your little one a fabulous hairstyle that people will remember as much as baby's smile.If Your Baby Has A Little HairDon't fear, there are great baby hair options for even the finest, shortest baby hair. There are bows made with Velcro that will painlessly cling to even the thinnest piece of hair, making baby look great.
For a baby boy you don't have to go with the standard hat approach - mix it up by tying a bandanna around the little guy's head. He'll be too cool for school. Or too young for school - either way he'll look great. A bandanna can work for a little girl too, just pick a color you love or one that matches the outfit she's wearing.
The baby headband - you know, the one that looks like a garter belt from a wedding - is the standard choice for babies with a little bit of hair, and they look adorable if you want your little one to stand out from the crowd.
If Your Baby Has Lots of HairSure, when your baby has lots of hair there are more styling options, but it can also be more difficult to style. It is also important to cover up any bald spots from sleeping in the same position if you want the finished style to look polished and photo-ready.
Ponytails are a staple of baby hairstyling. You can put one almost anywhere on your little girl's head and it will look too cute. If you want to take baby's hair to the next level, consider more than one ponytail on that adorable head. Two ponytails on the top of baby's head will keep the hair out of the face and leave less hair to be slept on during the night. An added bonus, the hair will begin to fall around the ponytail holders, leaving a cute little mushroom-shaped top. People will stop and stare because they will be in awe of how precious your little one looks.
Braids can be more difficult because baby hair only grows so fast, but if you have nimble fingers you can add some small braids that will look great. Make sure to use smaller ponytail holders than you would for your hair, because then you don't have to wrap it around as many times.